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TICKLEMEZOMBIE.COM is my personal website and my tinkering shop. Most of the little projects I do will be hosted here and I'm trying to attempt to keep them all organized. Those that know me best realize already how very unlikely it will be that it works out.

As part of my organization attempts I created a to do / changelog system that will always display on my present projects. For me to keep track and those that follow me to know what I'm up to.

OF NOTE: I will only be putting the todo/changelog on this page for TickleMeZombie.com and not for the projects hosted on it. They will have their own page (Game DB, etc..)

  • [2016-10-25] Admin levels in place (TickleMeZombie)
  • [2016-10-25] Can now pick avatars. (TickleMeZombie)
  • [2016-10-25] Added Squad Section [Memberlist] (TickleMeZombie)
  • [2016-10-25] Redoing all the MySQL after not backing it up like (TickleMeZombie)
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