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Who the fuck is this guy?

Who am I? Back in the day Kevin convinced me to write a short little bit about myself and I decided to do so in the only way that's really cool..

Mr. Tickle will tell you in third person.

Lt. Tickle doesn't like to write about himself, unless hes trying to be funny. This is because he is above such things as bio's and such. Lt. Tickle is all. Lt. Tickle is life. Ph34r Lt. Tickle. Lt. Tickle's feet hurt. Rub them... Ahhhh Lt. Tickle likes it like that.

Cpt. Tickle hates to disappoint those of you who came from queerfilter via tubedoggs magic fairy dust, but he is not gay, if it helps ease the pain he was once described as "almost as attractive as that road kill we passed this morning".

Maj. Tickle has been messing with this Internet stuff since the early 90's. Maj. Tickle had just ordered a set of 4 computers to network together to play a new game called DOOM in the arcade that he owned in the wee town of Gonzales, he uses the term Arcade sparingly as there were really very few actual arcade games there, and they were miserably old at that point. The only real selling point was that they had RPG's on the weekends and eventually Magic: The Gathering.

Ltc. Tickle had already been running a BBS called Wraith's Place at this point. And would spend insane amounts of time online (online at that point involved calling someone elses house with your modem and connecting to theirs) playing awesome BBS doors such as Legend of the Red Dragon, Planets, and Lunatix. So when he found the Internet and all its possibilities (like fewer busy signals and WAAAAAAAAAY more people) he fell instantly and completely in love.

Col. Tickle had his first homepage up soon after, and it was a more garish affair than even his current efforts, but alas it was there. And so was Col. Tickle, every day. Geocities would never be the same.

BG. Tickle let life progress from there and so the awkward bio train arrives at the shiny station we call today. No longer is he mild mannered pron nerd Scottie Smith, now he is.. TickleMeZombie.

MG. Tickle has a long list of awards and credits to his name that he can make up. But for the moment he will share a few of the real things he has done. He wrote a wee little script called vbStats. A little thing that started from him wondering what browser his users at TalkLoud used and exploded into something that ended up being on every stinking vBulletin board he ran across. He also did a wee bit of web design, from pr0n sites to his own sites and a few in between.

LTG. Tickle has been involved with computers for running on 18 years at this point, and he is an expert in PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, RSS, Perl, Python, C, VB, and spouting bullshit that anyone could recognize was untrue with very little effort.

Gen. Tickle is a democrat. He thinks GW Bush is half the man his father was, and he thought his father was an embarrassment to the office. Following in the whole Political thread Gen. Tickle thought Clinton was Christ returned and will be first in line to welcome his wife to the oval office when she decides to run. He blames Obama.

President Tickle seems to have an extensive collection of games you say? That is because he loves gaming. RPG and Simulations are probably his favorite, but President Tickle dabbles in just about everything. His favorite title of all time? Romance of the Three Kingdoms (any). His least favorite? ET, The Extra Terrestrial. That one is kinda obvious though.

King Tickle thinks we've talked about him just about enough for now. So we'll throw in a quick little something in the last paragraph so you can pretend you read the whole thing. Ready? Arcade Good, ET Bad, Lots of time on the computer, funny part about the bullshit, Clinton Good, Bush Bad, King Tickle loves you. BTW, You thought this was really funny.

Supreme Emperor Tickle is available for your inquiries here.

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