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About Me

Ahhhh, So you want to find out more about me eh? First let me compliment you on your obvious good taste. You certainly must be known in your group of friends as "That Guy (or Girl)".

You will likely soon figure out that there really isn't anything interesting to know about me, and I don't say that out of modesty, really, there is nothing interesting to know about me... at all. For the sake of my rampaging ego however I am going to pretend that there is. You can peep out me screenshots, or look at look through my game collection, or go buy me stuff. If I have to pick one I'd suggest doing the latter, it's so so much fun buying me stuff.

Someday I'm gonna have a lot of cool stuff here... as soon as I become cool. Which is gonna be soon, really. Promise.

Would you like to know more? (thank you starship troopers)

Where I Go

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